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plant-based dreams

1. get excited

Choose your first stop and head over! All of your deals will be valid until the date written on your booklet. 

3. next deal

4. pay it forward

2. enjoy + tip

  how it works  

Make sure you tip on the FULL price of your items, not on your awesome deal.

Each deal is only good once, so the employees will sign off your page. Now find your next stop!

Saving you hundreds of dollars, all in one booklet. 



Post on social media to support these small businesses and show others where to get good vegan food!

lifestyle resources

We want to make plant-based living accessible to all. That's why we're teaming up with the professionals below to bring you recipes, tips + tricks, and nutritional guides. Stay tuned for more!

"I believe whole-heartedly in the power of a plant-based lifestyle to transform lives and the face of the planet. I seek to inspire my audiences to discover the richness and culinary creativity involved in plant-based cuisine, more joy in the kitchen, more optimal wellness, and more alignment with their own values of compassion."

 - shane witters-hicks
future plant-based chef


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